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Tooling Engineer

Code: 641796

Location: NC - Greensboro

(Physically Demanding Job)
1. Sets up and tears down tooling for each work order processed on a slitting line.
2. Knives & tooling must be separated/stored properly to avoid mixing up sizes
3. Head Builder inputs data from work order, into a computer program
a. Coil width
b. Coil gauge
c. Number of cuts
d. Slitter knife thickness
e. Required horizontal clearance to achieve
4. Computer program generates a tooling set-up model
a. Head Builder will build the set-up from the computer model
b. After completing the set-up, going back and verifying the set-up was made accurately. Verify visually and with a tape measure.
5. Handling round slitter knife discs, and tooling spacers with specific widths.
6. Head Builder must keep pace with the production line and have tooling set-ups ready for oncoming shift.
7. Three (3) slitter knife stands are available to build tooling onto.
a. A slitter knife stand is a stand-alone unit in which tooling is set-up on, for a work order.
8. Must be good at basic math – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
9. Understand how to read and operate a micrometer, caliper, tape measure
10. Must have basic understanding of mechanical systems
a. Know how to safely check knife edge condition for sharp/dull edges
b. Understand that mating surfaces, when stacked together, can affect total length of the stacked tooling (dirt, surface damage, oil)
11. The Head Builder has a technical mind set, works hard to do accurate work, and understands the importance of organizing tooling and the work area.
12. There are 2 head builders per crew. You may occasionally have to work as one head builder due to absences, crew adjustment
13. You will be handling tooling that can weigh from a few ounces, to 35 lbs. Some tooling can reach 40-50 lbs however these pieces do not represent what is handled on every work order set-up.

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