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Auto Body Prep Technician

Code: 650404

Location: NC - Statesville

Mancan-Statesville is recruiting for the following auto body positions for auto auction.
Please send qualified resumes to Must have clean background and valid drivers license.

1 Buffer $14/hr
Job Description:
This position is responsible for ensuring a smooth and even appearance of the coating by performing finishing work on vehicles subsequent to coating application using a rotary mechanized buffing instrument, or by hand as necessary.

Job Responsibilities:
• Use provided powered buffing tool to buff out vehicles after application of coating. Make sure coating appears smooth and even. May buff by hand, if necessary.
• Make sure that newly applied coating blends with existing coating, at a seam or within a panel, by “feathering” surfaces together.
• Buff out over-spray from the application process.
• Perform other duties as assigned by manager or supervisor.
• May be required to work overtime (more than 40 hours per week) as business needs dictate.

1 Body Prepper Technician $14/hr
Job Description:
This position assists automobile body painters by preparing surfaces of vehicles for repainting and by polishing repainted vehicles.

Job Responsibilities:
• Wash vehicles to remove dirt, oil, grease and debris from painted surfaces.
• Locate and remove imperfections on panels prior to painting. Treat scratched and chipped areas with plastic or liquid filler.
• Inspect panels to be painted as well as adjacent panels for body repair defects and other damage and notify manager if necessary.
• Securely apply paper and masking tape to protect unpainted surfaces, such as bumpers, windows, chrome trim, and other parts while surrounding areas are spray-painted.
• Smooth unmasked surfaces with sandpaper removing gloss from previous coats of paint. Sand rough spots.
• Paint surfaces not readily accessible, such as wheels and underside of fenders, using brush and spray gun. Remove and replace chrome moldings and trim, as necessary.
• After vehicle is painted, remove masking tape, clean vehicle and clean off over-spray with razor blade, solvent, etc. Move vehicle to designated area for buffing.
• Perform other duties as assigned by manager or supervisor, i.e., assist supervisor in training and orienting new employees, perform housekeeping duties, etc.
• May be required to work overtime (more than 40 hours per week) as business needs dictate.

1 Primer Technician $14/hr
Job Description:
This position is responsible for priming surfaces of automobiles, buses, trucks, and painted parts using spray-painting equipment, power tools and work aids and by applying specific surface preparation and painting techniques.

Job Responsibilities:
• Inspect panels to be painted for body repair, prepping and/or buffing defects and notify manager when imperfections are found.
• Perform preparation work prior to painting by cleaning and sanding the vehicle, and applying chemicals to prepare and condition surfaces.
• Mix and thin paint or other coating to specified color and consistency according to standard formulas or color charts, using spatula, mixing equipment and viscometer. If necessary, mask and cover surfaces not to be painted.
• Prepare automotive enamel, lacquer, water base and other coatings to refinish specifications by using computerized system for ingredients, blending and color matching.
• Mix and blend ingredients for water and solvent based refinish coatings, making sure of the proper ingredient mix and following the prescribed formula for make, model number and year.
• Spray test panels and use computerized color matching of wet and dry test panels. Compare wet and dry panels by eye against original color model or existing color to make sure the color matches.
• Reformulate and adjust mix, spray new test panels and re-evaluate color until match is accomplished.
• Using proper spray equipment, spray specified amount/thickness of primer, protective, decorative

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