Your Office: McMurray or Select location


Code: 650467

Location: NC - High Point

Position: Teacher early childhood
Full-time temp to permanent in High Point (airport area)
1.The teacher must have knowledge and experience in the development of children. Must have knowledge on how to make lesson plans, and what is needed to help each child reach their full potential. He or she must be available to assist the other Teachers with questions and problems about their day care children. Must love children and be able to relate to them.
2) The teacher will submit to a physical before employment and random drug test at any given time. He or she must provide information for a complete background check, and screen for child abuse before acceptance of employment. He or she may not have any convictions for illegal drugs, alcohol, or being "under the influence" any time prior to or during employment. We will have Zero Tolerance for any alcohol, illegal activity, and illegal drugs, higher than normal amounts of prescription drugs being in any system of your body during work hours. For any routine prescription drugs, you should have a statement put in your permanent file as to the reason you are taking these prescriptions, possible side effects. and that you are allowed to be around children while taking these prescriptions. Any and all medications should be kept in a locked and or secure place away from any children at all times.
3) The teacher will report directly to the Director any suspicious person or behaviors in or around the building and grounds.
4) Be aware that any and all persons working with children are Mandatory Child Abuse Reporters. This means that any and all suspicions of Child Abuse & Neglect need to be reported to the Director. Make sure you document your reason and suspicions after the call to the authorities is made and the response of the investigator.
5) The teacher needs to have good communication skills.
6) The teacher must be trustworthy and to respect the confidentiality of the children's
records, parent information, assistance of working with the Director and any financial information.
7) The teacher is to bring to the attention of the Director any problems that are felt to be wrong with the Day Care so that they can be addressed and worked out. This includes problems among the staff, parents, parent to staff child to staff Director to staff, etc.
8) The teacher is responsible for the completion of ordering requests for supplies such as crayons. markers. paper, curriculum: any1hing needed to assist the children in their day care experience. He or she needs to coordinate with each classroom to find out their needs and to compile these items. This list needs to be given to the Director at least once a month so that they can be ordered in a timely fashion.
9) The teacher agrees to attend the staff meetings and assist where needed. All Teachers and Staff need to have Child Development training and continue to increase your knowledge in child development The Teacher agrees to get and maintain a First Aid and CPR Training certificate. This certificate needs to be kept current at all times. It is also helpful for you to assist the Director to make sure that all Teachers are certified with First Aid and CPR training.
The teacher agrees to make sure that all lesson plans are posted for each classroom
prior to the week starting and to assist the other Teachers with these lesson plans as needed. The Teacher needs to be sure that they have all the supplies that they need. if not than you are to put it on the Supply List to be ordered or purchased.
The teacher is responsible for assisting to be sure that the cleaning and upkeep of the
building is complete. Each Teacher is responsible for the cleaning of their room and then the rotation schedule area. The building needs to appear clean and orderly at all times.

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