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Mechanical Maintenance Technician

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Job Description – Plant Maintenance Technician in Zanesville

Job Responsibilities:
The maintenance technician will perform a variety of mechanical and electrical repairs and preventive maintenance operations throughout entire facility. This person will report directly to the maintenance supervisor and will be a key assistant to this supervisor for all maintenance activities. In order to fulfill this role, the maintenance technician must learn about all of the equipment in the plant. This learning must include principals of operation as well as both mechanical and electrical requirements for proper operation.

Pre-Requisite Requirements:
A qualified candidate must have either specific training and/or job experience that demonstrates proficiency in mechanical repairs and electrical maintenance procedures. Candidate must have experience working with 3-phase electrical motors and both mechanical and electronic motor controls. Candidate should have some experience reading electrical wiring diagrams.

The Maintenance Technician must be able to perform mildly strenuous activities generally associated with plant maintenance. These activities would include but not be limited to climbing stairs, walking distances from various locations in and around the facility, standing for 2-3 hours at a time, lifting objects normally no heavier than 50 pounds, and pulling, tugging, or pushing as may be required in performing general plant maintenance.

All communication, both written and verbal, will be in English. The Technician must be able to read and comprehend printed technical information provided by both our company and equipment manufacturers. The Technician must be able to write clearly to record maintenance information and to communicate information to his supervisor and other plant workers.

The maintenance technician will receive a significant amount of on-the-job training regarding all of the equipment and controls in use throughout the facility. The Plant Maintenance Supervisor will provide a large portion of this training. However, other maintenance employees will also assist in training activities.

The Maintenance Technician will be a key member of the maintenance staff. For this reason, it is necessary for this employee to report for work on time and to maintain a good attendance record. Unplanned missed work definitely diminishes the value the Technician provides to our company.
Work Hours:
The Maintenance Technician will alternate between an early and a late work schedule; early schedule is 5:00am until 2:30pm, late schedule is 6:30am to 4:00pm. Maintenance employees normally work a few hours every Saturday to complete tasks that cannot be performed during regular production hours.
Pay and Benefits:
Wages for this position will be competitive based on work history, experience, and qualifications but will be at least $16.00/hr; more if the candidate has significant pertinent experience.
Company offers an an excellent vacation, health insurance and retirement plan once hired in. We value our employees!
We are the staffing company with a CAN DO ATTITUDE! An EXCITING new job is right around the corner for you!
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