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Physical Therapist

Code: 652771

Location: FL - Naples

We are seeking a Physical Therapist and a Physical Therapist Assistant to join our team! You will plan physical rehabilitative programs to improve patient quality of life. Pt position is 20 hours a week and PTA position is 8-10 hours a week.
Responsibilities:: Develop and implement physical therapy programs that focus on rehabilitation. Work directly with patients to achieve maximum physical recovery. Evaluate effects of therapy treatment and communicate patients' progress Record and document patient care services. Collaborate with other team personnel to achieve well-rounded care No experience necessary, Graduates welcomed. Qualifications : Previous experience in physical therapy, rehabilitation, or other related field Ability to handle physical workload d Ability to build rapport with patients Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong leadership qualities Bilingual-English/Spanish.

PTAs counsel people about pain management and teach them exercises. They provide information and encouragement, lending physical and emotional support. Aides report to senior staff any changes in a patient’s condition or response to treatment.
Helping patients is just part of this multi-tasking position. PTAs also maintain patient records and perform other clerical tasks, and are responsible for equipment and supplies.
The physical therapy aide job description includes:
• Organize and arrange materials in therapy rooms and other work areas
• Disinfect and position equipment
• Prepare patients for therapy sessions
• Help them move into therapy areas, and lift them onto or into equipment
• Analyze patients’ responses to therapy
• Teach exercises and other therapeutic techniques
• Help patients get dressed and put on devices like braces and splints
• Train them how to use orthopedic and prosthetic devices
• Adjust and modify the devices so they fit patients comfortably and function more efficiently
• Provide massage and ultrasound treatments
• Monitor patients’ progress and confer with senior staff regarding treatment options
• Maintain patient records
• Order supplies, do inventory, complete forms and reports, and perhaps perform receptionist tasks
• Inspect and maintain medical equipment
Physical Therapy Aide Prerequisites
In addition to juggling multiple duties, PTAs have physically demanding jobs. They must be strong enough to support and lift patients. They also need to be able to move heavy equipment.

If interested send resume over for review or you may apply in person. Mancan Staffing Temporary Employment Agency is located at 3620 Tamiami Trail N. #202, Naples, FL 34103.

Applications are taken Monday - Thursday from 9am-11 and again from 1pm-3pm

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