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Tax Accountant

Code: 656334

Location: OH - Marietta

This is a senior (management level) position which is responsible for all department tax preparation and accounting services to Clients. Position has authority to direct and control the staff and operations of the department within the Firm’s policies and procedures.
Reports To: Chief Operations Officer
Reporting To: Tax Accountants, Office Support Staff, Paraprofessionals
1) Performs all responsibilities of the Accountant position as described in the Accountant’s Job Description.
2) Manages all office related client service and accounting and related support operations and staff.
3) Ensures the operations in providing services to clients have the proper processes, procedures, staffing, systems, and controls.
4) Manages the planning, administration and wrap up of client engagements. Performs work in client services.
5) Manages the billing and collection of revenue in accordance with guidelines, including change order billing.
6) Manages jobs, staff productivity, chargeable hours, periodic status reporting and timely WIP reporting.
7) Ensures Personnel Policy Compliance. Enforces, provides corrective actions and promotes consistent professionalism to staff within the department.
8) Designs, prepares and distributes monthly management reports. Forecasts all revenue and expenses of the firm’s branch office.
9) Prepares annual budgets and oversees budgetary control for the accounting office.
& much more

We do offer our temporary employees full benefits such as paid vacation, holidays, 401K, as well as vision/dental/medical. Some of the best companies in the area use Mancan including Fortune 500 companies. It is a great opportunity for you to get your foot in the door with some of the areas top companies.

Mancan accepts applications on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 9-11 and 1-3 at the Marietta Mancan. We are located at 116 Putnam Street in Marietta, OH. Please bring 2 forms of unexpired government identification and a resume is also helpful.

If you have any questions call your LOCAL MANCAN @ 740.373.9675 and a Knowledgeable Helpful Staffing Specialist will help you!!!! ind3612


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