Your Office: McMurray or Select location


Code: 659389

Location: FL - Fort Myers

Sort and rinse dirty dishes, glass, tableware and other cooking utensils and place them in racks to send through dish machine. Sort and stack clean dishes. Carry clean dishes to cook’s line and other proper storage areas. Rewash soiled dishes before delivering. Change dishwater in dish machine every hour. Wash pots, pans and trays by hand. Remove trash and garbage to dumpster. Set up or break down dishwashing area. Clean and roll/unroll mats. Fill/empty soak tubs with cleaning/sanitizing solutions. Sweep/mop floors. Assemble/disassemble dish machine. Sweep up trash around exterior of restaurant and garbage dumpster. Conduct general restaurant and restroom cleaning as directed. Wipe up any spills to ensure kitchen floors remain dry. Notify manager any time dish machine wash or rinse cycle falls below safety standard temperatures. Do not touch dirty dishes before touching clean dishes without washing hands first. Other duties as directed.

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