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Production Worker

Code: 663368

Location: NC - High Point

Clippers: $10.00-$10.84 hourly plus production and $0.50 shift differentials
*bi-lingual candidates a plus!
1. Must have the ability to work safely in a factory environment.
2. Must have the ability to understand and follow company policies and regulatory requirements.
3. Must be able to fill out the necessary paperwork.
4. Must have good communication skills.
5. Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions.
6. Must be able to work well with others.
7. Must exhibit acceptable attendance.
8. Must possess the ability to be trained/certified EOJT – Level 1
9. Must possess the ability to learn our labor scanning system and scan as needed/required.
10. Must have the ability to lift, stoop, bend and move quickly to perform all
physical demands.
1. Must be able to perform at production requirements.
1. Work overtime as needed.
2. Understand company policies and regulatory requirements.
3. Conform to all Quality/Safety requirements and procedures.
4. Participate in training programs.
5. Follow all written procedures, work instructions and Inspection Plans.
6. Keep a clean and orderly work place.
7. Participates in the Continuous Improvement Process, TPM and 6S.
8. Perform other duties as assigned by your Department Supervisor.
9. Provide support in your work position for Total Productive Manufacturing’s
(TPM’s ultimate goal of maintain our machinery in a “like new” condition with no safety concerns and no breakdowns. Key components of this process are assisting or performing Quality PM’s, PDM’s and C.L.A.I.R. related task. As well as participating on Equipment Improvement Teams (EIT’s) to determine and eliminate root cause of machine breakdowns.
1. Safely and in a quality manner, hand clip or clip corners of beds in a productive manner.
2. Load and unload beds inspecting both the bed and the clips which attach the border and hang them on the trolley line in proper quantity.
3. Repair beds clipped and report any on-going quality problems to the supervisor or transfer operator, whichever is required.
4. Load and unload clips from machine when required.
5. Load and unload borders from carts or racks and put on border stands.
a. Initiate action to prevent the occurrence of any nonconformities related to product, process and/or the system.
b. Identify and/or record any problems relating to the product, process and the management system.
c. Initiate, recommend or provide solutions through designated channels.
d. Verify the implementation of solutions.
e. Control further processing, delivery or installation of nonconforming product until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected.
Be able to perform these duties on/about:
30 DAYS: Be able to produce product from at least 2 machines and perform at 120% rate.
60 DAYS: Be able to produce product from at least 2 machines and perform at 120% rate.
90 DAYS: Be able to produce product from at least 2 machines and perform at 120% rate.

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