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Maintenance Manager

Code: 663994

Location: NC - High Point

1.Ability to effectively supervise a large group of people in a manufacturing environment.
2.Must be able to work overtime and other shifts as needed.
3.Must be a team player and a team leader.
4.Must have a good understanding of safety procedures, Quality, Continuous Improvement Process, TPM and 6S.
5.Must have the ability to lift, stoop, bend and move quickly to perform all physical demands.
6. Must be able to give and follow verbal and written instructions.
7. Must have the ability to learn our labor scanning system, train others, and scan as needed/required.
8.Ability to understand and administrate company policies and regulatory programs.
9.Must be accessible 24 hours a day.
10.Must have electrical and mechanical knowledge of various types of manufacturing equipment.
11.Must be trained in Preventive/Predictive Maintenance.
12.Must be trained in Maintenance Planning and Scheduling.
13. Must be skilled in problem solving techniques.
14. Must be proficient in Excel, MS Word and Outlook.
15. Must possess the ability to be trained/certified in forklift operation.
- Recognizing that our partners are our greatest asset, a Supervisor is expected to be a mentor, a leader and work towards removing road blocks to make Branch 1506 successful.
- Enhance compliance of branch policy, procedures and initiatives through “Lead by Example Management”.
- Successfully promote and enforce all Safety, Quality, TPM and other Company initiatives with our partners in your department and throughout the plant.
- Responsible for keeping accurate production records, ensuring time cards, labor scanning reports, and attendance calendars are completely accurate.
- Communicate changes in the manufacturing process to supervisors and employees.
-Ensure new employees receive proper tools and training to produce a quality product.
- Ensures that employees follow all quality programs.
-Responsible for completion of any assignments from the Plant Manager or Branch Manager to ensure efficient and effective plant operations.
-Responsible for the review and authority for the disposition of non-conforming product.
-Must be totally committed to LP9000, TMP and Continuous Quality Improvement Process.
- Conform to all Quality and Safety requirements and procedures.
- Follow all written procedures, work instructions and Inspection Plans.
-Participate in the Continuous Quality Improvement Process and TPM.
-Manage all Maintenance Department operations and assist all other departments as Maintain Branch 1506 facility and grounds.
- Manage Maintenance work force.
-Prepare plant and equipment budgets including, surveying the plant for needs, obtaining . Practice, teach, and be committed to all company programs.
- Analyze equipment to determine update and overhaul requirements.
- Manage preventive maintenance program.
-Upgrade preventive maintenance activities on all maintenance equipment.
- Implement cycle times on equipment/machinery for preventive maintenance activities, where possible.
- Implement all TPM countermeasures on all like equipment/machinery.
-Track all maintenance activities through “XM” and the work order system and/or manage these activities through other resources.

You may also apply in person at Mancan Staffing located at 7360 W. Friendly Ave. Ste. 112 Greensboro, NC 27410. For the safety of our staff we require masks be worn inside our office at all times. Mancan Staffing has the best jobs available in Greensboro NC
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