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Front Desk Clerk

Code: 667843

Location: FL - Naples

Mancan Staffing Temporary Employment Agency is seeking a professional front desk clerk for a local Resort.

The shift hours are 5 days per week 8am-4pm or 3pm-11pm; schedule will vary either 1st or 2nd shift.
Front Desk Job Description
• Must be honest, dedicated, sincere, and trustworthy
• Must have excellent communication skills, observation skills, attention to detail, judgment, and a pleasant and courteous manner.
• Must be neat in appearance
• Knowledge and ability to secure the premises.

• Ability to handle and resolve conflicts.
• Ability to act fast in emergencies.
• Must possess physical abilities required to perform the essential functions of the job.
• Always be courteous, friendly, and helpful to owners, guests, and employees.
• Always address owners/guests by Mr. or Mrs. Never use first names.
• Always try to stand when owners/guests enter the main lobby.
• Help owners/guests unload luggage from cars upon arrival at front entry.
• Owners receiving guests, please make sure they use the main entry of the unit unless otherwise specified by owner. North residences use the north elevator. South residences, guests will need to access the south elevator on the 3rd level. As Employee
• Parking for employees is on the lower level during summer service; during season.
• Refrain from using cell phones during working hours.
• If you have to make a personal call, please do not use the security or main line.
• Do not make personal long distance calls on company phone line.
• Eating at the front desk is permitted but with discretion. Please do not bring in food with strong smells. Clean up after yourself.
• TV at security is provided in case of weather, storms etc. Please use wisely and ensure that it does not interfere with your duties.
• Monitor cameras, open doors, gate for owners if properly identified.
• At shift change please communicate with the incoming Staff. This communication should be done with respect. Example: guest arrivals, packages, notes or issues going on.
• Upon arriving on your shift, check receiving log to make sure all packages are here.
• Rounds are made during evening, midnight and weekend shifts.
• Answer phones and check if there are any voice messages.
• Clean your area and wipe counter as needed. Front desk should always look and smell great. This is the first area guests and owners see upon arrival.
• Empty trash and dispose in trash chute.
• All shifts if you notice trash, spills, please pick up and dispose or clean.
• All calls or questions regarding the building policies, operations, sales etc. must be referred to the office.
• Monitor the cameras always

If interested send resume over for consideration or Walk-in times are as follows but we prefer scheduled appointments:
Application times are Monday – Thursday from 9am – 11am & 1pm -3pm
We are asking prospective employees to complete the application on line. Please visit our website click on the Register button (top corner /far right), and complete ALL areas of the application to the best of your ability. This includes, past jobs, work interests, work experience, and counties.
Once you have completed the application call us so that can review it with you and schedule a preliminary phone interview. Be sure to upload your updated resume as we will need that in order to present you to our customer for an interview. Our business hours are M-F, 8: 00 AM to 5:00 PM

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