Mancan Staffing, Named One of America's Best Temporary Staffing Firms by FORBES MAGAZINE for 2022

Mancan Staffing, Named One of America's Best Temporary Staffing Firms as well as One of America's Best Professional Recruiting Firms by Forbes for 2022. 

Exciting things are happening at Mancan BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!!


Mancan, has been a leader in the staffing industry for more than 45 years. Established in 1976, by Jonathan P. Mason-President/CEO, Mancan Inc. Staffing Company- has a long tradition of excellence and superior customer service.

It is our pleasure and honor to be recognized for the third year in a row as one of AMERICA'S BEST TEMPORARY STAFFING FIRMS as well as one of AMERICA'S BEST PROFESSIONAL RECRUITING FORBES!

The America's Best Professional Recruiting and Temp Staffing Firms 2022 ranking is based on an independent survey from external recruiters, hiring managers at client companies, and job candidates, no internal feedback from companies on the prospective lists were considered. Around 31,000 recruiters and 6,900 job candidates and hiring managers were invited to participate. Approximately 22,400 nominations were considered in the final analysis.

All of this is quite humbling and flattering and is truly a testament to the kind of company Mancan is, but it's not what makes Mancan the leading staffing company in the markets that we serve.

When you're voted among the Nation's Best- by TENS of THOUSANDS of recruiters, job seekers and human resource managers across the country, it really just speaks to our commitment to consistently keeping up with utilizing our best practices, business ethics and most of all maintaining the caliber of people we hire and retain to work for us.

Not every person that walks through our doors can withstand the rigorous training and service levels required to be a professional staffing specialist. We generally seek people from all kinds of industries that demonstrate the ability to learn, maintain high levels of integrity and honesty as well as the ability and willingness to put best in class, best in the industry, customer service skills into practice every single day. We put every new hire through a rigorous training program that consists of a lot of hands-on work with job seekers and customers. Carefully and continually training and monitoring and assessing each individuals ability to meet or exceed the standards that we set for everyone that works for Mancan - if we can't clearly see these attributes in a person after several weeks or months of working closely with them we will provide them with the feedback they need to learn and adjust and if it's just not the right fit we will work with them to find what they are uniquely qualified to do in the world. We understand this is a competitive and high energy & efficiency industry and the levels of service and professionalism we strive to maintain is a tough requirement expected of everyone that works for Mancan. We believe holding true to these core values, expectations of our staff and skills are what separates us from all the others in our markets and why we have made the Forbes Lists for multiple years in a row, America's Best Temporary Staffing and Recruiting Firms.

Putting it simply, we have been able to perfect our hiring and training processes and have the best of the best in our Staffing Professionals working in 40+ cities across 6 states, working to make sure the needs of our temporary associates and customers are top priority.

Being recognized by your industry peers and those that have utilized your services and have relied on your expertise to assist them when they needed it most, feels pretty good. But it takes hard work to achieve a reputation of this caliber. It's by no means easy to get to this level of appreciation. It just goes to show, that all the work, dedication and tireless effort on the part of the entire Mancan team pays. It is noticed! They do remember! Mancan is the company that you can count on. That's huge for us and it means a lot!

We genuinely believe in operating with the highest standards of business ethics as well as providing the best customer service experience we can possibly provide to our customers and temporary associates. We think our customers and employees want those qualities in their service providers and have come to expect that from us. They recognize from working with us throughout the past 45 + years that's just how we operate. We also believe we can expect the same from them. Our customers operate with the highest standards of business ethics and our temporary associates do their utmost best to be the best they can be when representing us on the job. We just believe in people and operate that way. We think, it has been made pretty clear, by earning a place on this list of Forbes, AMERICA'S BEST TEMPORARY STAFFING FIRMS AND RECRUITING FIRMS again in 2022, the third year in a row- that our customers, temporary associates and peers in the business believe in MANCAN too!

Mancan has earned a long list of achievement awards in our 45+ years in business. The Governors' Cup Award, Business Excellence Awards, Stellar Performer Award, Reader's choice awards across the country as well as many Best of the Best awards in the cities in which we are located etc. to name just a few. Our team of experienced staffing professionals are the best in their field with an average of 15+ years in the staffing industry and with MANCAN. However, the award that means the most to us is the award of confidence that our customers and employees give to us every single day, when they put their need for quality employees or their need for a good job in our hands. That's the award we at Mancan live for, and it shows in the job our staff does in taking care of our customers and associates when they come to us to fulfill a need for them.

Mancan offers short term employment, long term employment, temp to hire, direct hire, technical, professional, clerical, industrial employment, onsite services, recruitment outsource processing. Weekend and holiday hours, as well as extended weekday hours. Whether you are a great employee looking for the perfect job or the perfect employer looking for a great employee, Mancan WILL make it happen.

Self nominations are never considered. Only a fraction of staffing and recruitment companies in the UNITED STATES were selected and they were selected by recruiters, job seekers and human resource managers across the country.

Mancan is located in OH, WV, PA, FL, NC & SC- For all of your Staffing and Employment Related Needs! Why use just anyone when you can use one of America's Best Temporary Staffing and Professional Recruitment Firms for three years in a row! - 2020, 2021 and 2022!

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