Mancan Staffing, Named One of America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms by Forbes for 2020

Mancan Staffing, Named One of America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms 
by Forbes for 2020

Exciting things are happening at Mancan BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!!

Mancan, has been a  leader in the staffing industry for more than 40 years. Established in 1976, by Jonathan P. Mason-President/CEO- Mancan has a long tradition of excellence and superior customer service. You know you are doing things right when inexperienced little start ups-model themselves after your business and when large recruiting firms call on you for assistance when they are unable to fulfill client needs.

But when you’re voted among the Nation’s Best– by TENS of THOUSANDS of recruiters , job candidates and human resource managers across the country, that’s a pretty humbling experience.

Being recognized by your industry peers and those that  have  utilized  your service  and relied on your expertise to assist them when they needed it most feels pretty amazing.  It just goes to show that all the work, dedication and tireless effort the entire Mancan team has put into utilizing our proven service metrics and proprietary   recruitment processes have been worth the effort to those that have worked with us and know our reputation!  Needless to say we are very proud and honored to have  attained this award. 

We truly believe  in  the people around us and it  has been made pretty clear by  earning a place on the Forbes, America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms list,  People across the country believe in Mancan too!

Mancan has earned a long list of achievement awards in our 40 + years in business.  The Governors Cup Award, Business Excellence Award, Stellar Performer Award to name just a few.  Our team of  experienced staffing   professionals are the best in their field with an average of  15 years in the staffing industry. 

Mancan offers short term employment, long term employment, temp to hire, direct hire, technical, professional, clerical, industrial employment, onsite services, recruitment outsource processing, weekend and holiday hours, as well as extended weekday hours. Whether you are a great employee looking for the perfect job or the perfect employer looking for a great employee, Mancan WILL make it happen. 

Self nominations were not considered. Only the top 138 in the country were selected. 

When there are more than 10,000 agencies in the U.S. that connect contract employees and employers, how can candidates and companies find those that suit their unique needs?

Forbes partnered with market research company Statista to simplify the process with our inaugural ranking of America’s best temporary staffing firms. The list was compiled by surveying 26,000 recruiters and 5,400 job candidates and human resources managers who have worked with such firms. Some 6,400 nominations were collected, and Statista identified those firms with the highest number of recommendations. 

Mancan is located in OH, WV, PA, FL, NC & SC- For all of your Staffing and Employment Related Needs! Why use just anyone when you can use one of America’s Best Staffing Firms!    

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So Which Is It? Is the Economy Booming or Not?

So Which Is It?  Is the Economy Booming or Not? 

Every day we read something new about the economy or we see a new jobs report showing conflicting information. We hear people complaining that they can’t find a job while at the same time we hear there’s under 5% unemployment. So what is the actual story behind the numbers? The actual story is in the labor participation rate. According to the Dept. of Labor the labor participation rate is at an all- time low. What that actually means is that more people have opted out of getting a job. They just are not choosing to look and find work anymore.  

We are thankful at Mancan Inc. that we have been able to maintain recruiting momentum despite this dismal labor participation report. However,  we do recognize that fewer and fewer people actually want to work. We see it every day. Lucky for us, we are able to weed through those that don’t want to work, to find the ones that do!  We just sent out over 24,000 W2’s for 2016. So we are not new to the employment industry and we are also not your typical staffing agency, so we are told by our employees and customers. 

Mancan enjoys a great reputation among our employees, which is likely one of the main reasons we are still able to attract good employees every single day.  Without good employees to assign to the myriad of jobs we have available our customers wouldn’t be able  to keep production running smoothly. But it gets a little tough when 40% of able bodied adults have decided to opt out of the employment scene. That’s right, there’s a 60% labor participation rate among able bodied Americans that could be working. (Dept of Labor)

Many people say they can’t find work, or a meaningful position.  But we have plenty of job openings. We always have at least 150 to 200 openings we are working on across our territory.  We do everything we can to attract great workers. We offer benefits, 401k, vacation pay, holiday pay etc. All of the things that people say they want from a traditional employer. So we really aren’t much different than working directly for a company vs working at a company through a staffing firm. 

Mancan has offices in Ohio, WV, PA, FL, NC and SC.  We have jobs in nearly every industry.  Anyone that has been struggling to find gainful employment can call the Mancan office in their  local area to see what positions are currently available. A job seeker can fill out an application on line or they can stop in at  one of our 35 offices across the region and  discuss opportunities that are available to them now. Our personal interview process will include discussing what kind of job, what rate of pay ,what location, industry etc. the job seeker is interested in. There’s no charge or fee and there is no reason to feel hopeless or helpless, there are jobs out there and Mancan has access to them.

  Most people come to Mancan to get  their foot in the door,  to show an  employer what kind of work ethic they have, what skills they have and to get a job fast. We can do that for them and we can do that for anyone that wants to work. Anything that is even remotely related to employment is where you can find us. Production, staffing, hiring, training etc... we will roll up sleeves, and pitch in to find employees or a solution to whatever employment related issues a customer company may have.  24,000 people worked for Mancan last year.  So we must be doing something right! 

The answer to the booming economy question at the beginning of the story really is, it depends on who you ask. At Mancan, the economy is booming!  If you want to work, we have jobs. If you need employees we have those too. Just give us a call. 

Call Mancan today for all of your employment related needs. 

To ensure that your W-2 for 2016 is received by you timely, please contact your local Mancan office if there is any change to your address.

To ensure that your W-2 for 2016 is received by you timely, please contact your local Mancan office if there is any change to your address.

MANCAN Inc. Staffing Celebrates 40 years of Excellence.

Mancan Inc., a staffing solutions company, with corporate offices in Massillon, Ohio. is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this month.

Mancan Inc. has put tens of thousands of people to work over the past four decades.   “I couldn’t have imagined doing anything else for the past 40 years,” said President and CEO, Jonathan Mason when asked how he got started in the staffing industry. Owning a staffing business wasn’t Mason’s original career choice.  After graduating in 1967 from Kent State University, with an Engineering degree, Mason accepted a position with Eaton, Yale & Towne as an industrial engineer. He later took a position with Marlite as a project engineer.  From there, Mason headed the installation and startup of the Great Plains Bag Plant, later Smurfit Stone, in New Philadelphia.  In 1976 Mason purchased a Manpower Franchise located in Canton, OH. 30 years later, in 2006, Mason disengaged from Manpower, and began using his company’s registered corporate name, Mancan Inc., dropping the franchised name, Manpower Services. “Mainly, I just wanted to grow without territory restrictions and be independent” he said, “which, proved to be a wise business decision, as 10 years has since passed and we have grown from 15 offices in 3 states, to 36 offices in 6 states and have no plans to stop growing and expanding any time soon.”

As an employer, temporary or supplemental staffing allows a customer/company to hire the employees they need for specific tasks or times, such as a project that exceeds their current capabilities or a substitute for an employee on leave. Temporary employment can also be a good way to test out new employees to find out if they are a good fit for the company before hiring a permanent person. Approximately 40% of all Mancan assignments result in an offer of permanent hire by the host company.

Being employed by a temporary staffing agency gives the opportunity for employees to see what different company cultures are like and what they might prefer as an employee.  Securing a temporary job is often relatively quick and easy. To get started, all one really has to do is set up an appointment with Mancan and go through the personal interview process with a professional Mancan staffing specialist, where they share some specifics about their workstyle, skill set, and what kind of position and organization they’re looking for. Mancan will match their skills and desires with open opportunities that seem like a good fit, at no cost to the applicant. Mancan Inc. employed over 22,000 employees last year, an 11% increase in employees over the prior year.

“We get to know our customers, who they are, what they’re interested in, and how we can help them achieve their goals. With this information, we put a plan into place that communicates our value. Our clients want a relationship with their staffing provider, they want someone that listens, learns and understands their needs, their business and then they want someone who is a partner to them not just a vendor. Mancan uses those expectations as a minimum service requirement, and builds our staffing solution for our client from there.  We aren’t satisfied to reach a goal, reach the bar, meet an expectation-We are only satisfied when we’ve exceeded the goal, raised the bar and set new expectations, which is something genuinely unique to most businesses today. We want more for our clients than they want for themselves and we make sure they get it.” said Mason, when asked how his staffing company withstood the test of time to get to the point of being in business for 40 years!

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